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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

- Dr. Seuss


Faith, Hope and Recovery is a non-profit organization that develops faith-based support groups for people affected by mood disorders, and helps create mental health ministries in communities and religious organizations.

  • We have a pilot support group in Winnetka that has been meeting monthly for 2 years.
  • We are signing up test sites to get feedback on the method and the model.  We consult with prospective facilitators, helping them get support for a mental health ministry in their congregation.
  • We have a website and a Facebook page, and we use Meetup.

Opportunities Available with Faith, Hope and Recovery

Promotion and Marketing

Help us create awareness of our mission and ministry in the community.


Legal Advice

Need volunteer(s) to provide legal support and counsel on an ad hoc and ongoing basis.


EXCEL Database Support/Computer Skills

Seeking volunteers with expertise in EXCEL database.  Also seeking volunteers with general computer skills.


Grant Writing

Seeking individuals with grant writing experience to help identify grant opportunities and write applications.


Board Development and Board Secretary

Looking for potential new Board members.  Also seeking a Secretary to attend and record minutes of Board meetings.


Ongoing Opportunities:

We are looking for volunteers to help with:
• Promotion and Marketing
• Grant writing
• Board development
• Recording secretary at board meetings
• EXCEL data base
• Legal advice
• Computer skills.