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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

- Dr. Seuss


Our Purpose
By supporting and taking care of Parents with special needs children we take care of families. REOrg fills the gap for families waiting years on the Illinois PUNS list (Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services). Our program is designed to prevent neglect and abuse of children, support parents feeling stressed/depressed and supply relief for caregivers. Our focus is on rest, awareness education, and opportunities for breaks. Three main areas currently are: gifts, education and support opportunities:

Respite Gifts: Movie tickets, Spa Certificates, Dinner Certificates, donated overnight hotel stays, hotel points and more.

Respite Education: Educational Support seminars for parents about opportunities to create free respite, how and where to obtain and how to make the best use when it is received.

Respite and Rest Opportunities: Sponsored, parents outings, community organized events.

Ongoing Opportunities:

Fundraiser Volunteer assistance - Participate in planning, executing and working 2015 fundraiser events.

Business Office Assistance - Processing, input, tracking, record keeping and customer assistance with respite applications.

Respite Gift Sponsorship - Volunteers to represent REOrg to community business,visit and solicit in-kind gift certificates and sponsorship for special needs parent respite gift opportunities.

Social Media support - Monthly newsletter, webpage and social media upkeep and support volunteer needed.