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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

- Dr. Seuss


Travelers Aid Chicago provides travel information, crisis intervention, and Protective Travel Services (PTS) to vulnerable and at-risk travelers from an airside office at O’Hare International Airport in Terminal 2.  Satellite booth locations are located inside security in each of the three domestic terminals. Volunteers are needed to staff the Travelers Aid booths.

Ongoing Opportunities:

Volunteer Position Description:
Individuals or pairs are needed at O'Hare Airport to provide information and support for travelers at airport information desks.

Information desk volunteers are positioned at one of 9 information desks throughout O’Hare Airport, where they offer help to passengers in need of information or assistance. Volunteers also may occasionally leave the desk to provide protective travel services to vulnerable or at-risk passengers who need guidance, support, or advocacy as they move through the airport. Each volunteer must complete a background check to obtain an O'Hare badge to pass through security checkpoints.

Time Commitment:
• One year commitment with an initial three month trial period for volunteer and staff to evaluate the volunteer match and performance
• Minimum of two shifts per month. Shifts are Monday-Friday 10AM-2PM or 2-7PM; Sunday 3-7PM.
• Schedule should be regular from week to week

COntact our volunteer manager at tacvolunteer@heartlandalliance.org for more information about volunteering with Travelers Aid Chicago, or call our office at 773-894-2427

Opportunities Available: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday Mornings Afternoons Evenings