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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

- Dr. Seuss


Provide a place where survivors of sexual assault and abuse can heal and mobilize the community toward action to end sexual violence.  


Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center seeks to provide quality, comprehensive, client-centered services to survivors of sexual assault and abuse. These services are provided in partnership with the survivor in the spirit of equality, free from judgment or oppression.

We believe that the women, men, and children we serve are entitled to respect, accessible services, privacy, empowerment, and advocacy.

ZCenter’s services are free and available to all survivors regardless of race, gender, language, ability, sexual orientation, or religion.

ZCenter seeks to be an active presence in the community to speak up in support of and in partnership with all survivors of sexual violence. ZCenter provides services to the community at large and to other professionals and service providers to enhance the understanding of the impact of sexual violence on everyone.

Ongoing Opportunities:

Community Education and Prevention -
Assist with sexual assault prevention education in Lake County Schools. Conduct age appropriate classroom presentations to children pre-school through high school. Convey personal safety information; discuss bullying and sexual harassment and healthy dating. Also attend various types of fairs for awareness and outreach into the community.

Support Line Advocacy -
Provide emotional support, information and community resources to survivors, significant others and other community professionals (police, medical, schools) over the telephone from your own home.

Medical/Police Advocacy -
Respond to Lake County hospitals and/or police departments when a sexual assault survivor is present. Provide crucial support, crisis intervention and information on-site to the survivor and her/his loved ones.

Court Advocacy -
Attend legal proceedings of sexual assault cases in the Lake County Court House.

Therapy & Counseling -
Professionals interested in volunteering to provide individual, group, and/or family therapy at ZCenter should have a Master’s degree in counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, art therapy, or a related field. The applicant needs to first schedule an interview with the Director of Client Services to inquire about theoretical orientation, clinical experience, goals for volunteering and agency requirements.

Administrative & Front Desk Support -
Assist staff with mailings, data entry, filing, copying, newsletter development, etc. Providing support at the Front Desk is necessary and important role. Additional training is provided.

Marketing/Special Events -
Participate with a team of volunteers to conduct fundraising events each year to benefit the Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center’s programs. Offer your talents to committee’s for food, decorations, music, raffle tickets, silent auctions set up/tear down of events, etc. See the web site for a calendar of events.

Grant Writing and Development -
Assist in the research and development of new grants and revenue streams for the agency. Special events and efforts such as these help keep services free for survivors and their families.