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- Dr. Seuss

Position Overview: Summer Internship

About our organization:

Our Place of New Trier Township is a community-based program which supports teens and adults with developmental disabilities so that they can live meaningful, productive and socially connected lives in their home community. Our Place is a vibrant organization that provides opportunities for our participants to get involved in a variety of programming with a focus on sports and fitness, nutrition, transition, arts, community outings, life skills and community service. Program leaders, interns, and volunteers form a strong team in meeting the needs of all!

About the position:

Join the Our Place team in an exciting and fulfilling position as you make connections with teens and young adults with developmental disabilities. Assist with leading and designing a variety of programs that engage and meet the individual needs of our participants. Contribute to the development and assessment of participant goals. Work directly with the OP team in planning and leading group activities, community outings, and special events. Build supportive and respectful relationships with participants with an emphasis on serving as a role model.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assisting our program team with planning and preparing programs for the day – i.e. planning craft/art projects, different activities for interactive games and sports & rec programs, creating prompts for creative writing,
  • Independently leading enriching programs that are meaningful, engaging, and specifically designed to the meet the individual needs and goals of our participants
  • Implementing support systems as needed for participants
  • Spending time with participants to build supportive relationships
  • Performing other duties and responsibilities as assigned


What to expect from us:

  • In-program training
  • Bi-weekly meetings with supervisor
  • Constant support and encouragement from all staff



  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Available 12-30 hours a week during weekdays 9am-6pm
  • Display strong leadership skills
  • Value collaboration and innovation.
  • Engage in our programs and with our participants

Opportunities Available: Friday, Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday Afternoons, Mornings

About Our Place of New Trier Township:

Because social skills form the foundation for success in all aspects of inclusion in community life, we focus on the development of strong social competencies and measure success by improvement…

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