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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

- Dr. Seuss

The Volunteer Center was established in 1960 as the first Volunteer Center in the state of Illinois.

We connect residents from the northeastern suburbs of Cook County (Chicago) to nonprofit organizations that need their help both locally and abroad. It was conceived in 1960 as an intergenerational collaborative project between the Winnetka Public Schools, the North Shore Senior Center and New Trier High School. Retirees were paired with students who needed tutoring. As the program grew, other schools in the township sought volunteers for tutoring, curriculum enhancement and career discussions. The program was chartered with the Secretary of State of Illinois as The Volunteer Talent Pool in May, 1964. The volunteer base spread to people of all ages and abilities who wanted to share their time and skills with others who needed their support.

As nonprofit organizations began to express a need for volunteers, the Volunteer Talent Pool began referring people to do social service work. In 1995, the name was changed to The Volunteer Center to encourage people to help, whether they had specific skills or not. The change has been successful. The VC now registers over 15,000 people annually who serve tens of thousands of individuals in need.

The Volunteer Center currently works with over 150 non-profit organizations. Research the Categories of Service for contact information for the nonprofits that assist people and their causes. We also help groups develop and implement effective service learning programs in schools, faith-based and civic organizations. Please CONTACT US and we will help you find a volunteer opportunity for you, your family or your service group.