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Small Actions Create Big Impact – Giving Tuesday

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November 1, 2019 - December 3, 2019
Posted by: The Douglas Center

FROM NOVEMBER 1ST TO DECEMBER 3, 2019, YOUR ONLINE GIFT TO THE DOUGLAS CENTER CAN HAVE A GREATER IMPACT! Thanks to the generosity of The Coleman Foundation, all donors making an ONLINE Gift of $175 or more will receive a $175 match! Your gift during this time will have a greater impact in the lives of those living with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. 


The Douglas Center serves individuals with special needs who are most at risk. Our participants come to our center with a dual diagnosis of intellectual, developmental and/or physical disabilities as well as a diagnosis of mental illness. Most our participants live in residential homes and are beneath the poverty level. For so many, The Douglas Center is their home away from home. We rely on the individual donations that we receive. With the help of a match from The Coleman Foundation, your donation can have a much greater impact in improving the lives of those we serve. 

The Douglas Center is committed to improving the lives of individuals with special needs by providing them with choices and opportunities to assist them in reaching their maximum potential. YOUR SUPPORT IS GREATLY NEEDED AND SO INCREDIBLY MEANINGFUL! Your gift of any amount will have a great impact in support of the many services our center provides.

Your Action Today Can Create A Big Impact!

TO DONATE ONLINE please visit our website: www.thedouglascenter.org and click on the “DONATE TODAY” button ..or click on the image below. 




With your help we hope to raise more than $7,000 and we’re counting on you to help us take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity for matching funds by The Coleman Foundation.

Thanks to the generosity of The Coleman Foundation, all donors making an ONLINE Gift of $175 or more through December 3, 2019 will receive a $175 match! .We want you to know that your donation of ANY amount will make a great impact in supporting the vital programs and services needed for individuals with special needs. Here is how your donation of any amount helps to support some of the many services our center provides:

  • $25 provides for ½ hour of Art program, Dance/Movement, Music therapy or Horticulture therapy
  • $30 provides for 30 minutes of individual counseling
  • $30 provides for ½ hour of electronic recycling training
  • $60 provides for a comprehensive day of rehabilitation (5 hours per person)
  • $100 provides a cup of coffee for 10 individuals every day for a month
  • $130 provides for one-month of transportation per person to attend our rehabilitation program
  • $1,280 will help an individual participate in community day services for a month at The Douglas Center

TO DONATE ONLINE please visit our website: www.thedouglascenter.org and click on the “DONATE TODAY” button…or


November 1, 2019
December 4, 2019
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